Creating Custom Functions

Creating Custom Functions

When we provide instructions for creating a custom function, we will specifically provide any Parameters which need to be defined, and also provide the code for the function.

The code will be indicated with the following beginning/ending indicators:

———–BEGIN CODE—————————

The actual code will be here. Do not copy the “Begin Code” and “End Code” lines, but do copy everything between them.

———–END CODE—————————

To create the Custom Function, select File—> Manage—>Customer Functions.


The Custom Function dialog box appears. Click “New.”


In the Edit Custom Function dialog box, enter the Function Name in the top left field.
In the Function Parameters field, enter each parameter separately and click the “+” button to add it to the list.
In the large field that encompasses the bottom half of the dialog box, paste the code we have provided.
Be sure to indicate whether the function should be available to “All accounts” or “Only accounts assigned full access privileges.”


Click OK to close all dialog boxes.

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